Friday, November 6, 2015

Miss Elizabeth's Tea Party

Tea parties are all the rage, and we want to continue a tradition that was an essential daily act at the Cannonball House from 1853 until 1971.

Miss Elizabeth (Nora Elizabeth Martin, 1904 - 1971) took her tea on the balcony at the house overlooking Mulberry Street each day at 4pm. In honor of Miss Elizabeth, we are throwing a tea party with other tea enthusiasts.

On Saturday, August 8th, twenty women gathered in the formal dining room to enjoy an afternoon of tea with none other than Miss Elizabeth herself (played by Sherrie’ Raleigh.) Raleigh, along with Shelby Cramer, performed a short skit for the party goers about the life of Miss Elizabeth in the house. Cramer portrayed one of the members of the UDC, trying to purchase the home from Miss Elizabeth. The women did a wonderful job painting the picture of the history of our beautiful home.
Served at the party were: white chocolate raspberry scones, lemon scones, crystal grapes, pimento sandwiches, pecan sandies, as well as cucumber sandwiches. The teas were: Breakfast in Paris and Madagascar Vanilla.

To join the Miss Elizabeth’s Tea Society, you pay $100, this includes all of the tea parties, as well as an individual membership to the house.

December 12th is the next party. To purchase tickets to the individual parties, please contact the House.

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